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Posting to AO3

We've had a few emails asking on how (and if) you should post your story to AO3. Hopefully, this little FAQ blurb will help you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I post my story or will you?
Please post to AO3 on your own ASAP. Go to the D/Hr advent page on AO3 (link on LJ) and press post to collection and follow the directions.

I'm still confused.  How do I post?!?
If you aren't sure on how to post after getting to the "post to collection" point, check out the following posting guides.  You can also email us or comment below if you have more questions.   I personally think that the AO3 Posting Guide PDF is the best resource since it explains everything and is very easy to follow (but I created it so I'm biased) however if you need a more thorough explanation, check out Yuletide's posting guide.

  • Dramione-Remix Posting Guide: This is a posting guide that I (esgeee) created for dramione-remix that you can find here: This PDF goes along with the Submission Info post that can be found here: This is a little different from Advent posting because there are a couple of rules on there that don't apply to this fest (betas, crediting original stories that have been remixed) but may be better to use than the Yuletide guide (see below) because this has screencaps that correlate to the current AO3 posting page as opposed to the one from 2009.

  • Yuletide Posting Guide: Yuletide has an old but great 'instruction manual' complete with screencaps for posting at AO3 post over at LJ here:  This post is AMAZING since it literally answers all your questions but it is very lengthy.

Do I have to post it on a certain day?
As long as you post to the current D/Hr Advent collection (, you shouldn't have to click the 'set a different publication date' box. We get notifications via email that a work has been posted to the collection so if you've done anything wrong (not that you should have a problem), we'll let you know.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

How do I post art?
Since AO3 does not currently offer image hosting, you will need to host your submission elsewhere in a PNG (preffered), GIF or JPEG format. There are many online hosting sites at which you can host your work such as imgur, photobucket,, LJ scrapbook, or dropbox, just to name a few. Once you have the link to your work, fill out the form for posting a new work to a collection, but place the HTML code for embedding an image in the 'Work Text' area, where normally a story would go.

Use the following code to post your image:

Check out this step-by-step tutorial if you need additional help. If you are having difficulty getting image embedding to work after reading the tutorial, leave a comment at the post (I (esgeee) created the post so I'll will be notified).

I don't have a AO3 account. What do I do?
Just email the mods and ask for one and you'll receive an invite!
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