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D/Hr Advent
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An annual Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger Advent-Themed Fest.
How D/Hr Advent Works
An Advent Calendar is used to count down the twenty-four days before Christmas, and usually has a little treat each 'door' for the day. The D/Hr Advent Calendar will invite twenty-four authors and artists to create a short one-shot or fanart which will then be posted on each day leading up to Christmas. You may remember the LJ community, dramione_advent, which inspired D/Hr Advent. D/Hr Advent was created to continue the tradition of an annual advent-themed fest.

D/Hr Advent will be mirrored on LiveJournal at dhr_advent and on Dreamwidth at [community profile] dhr_advent.

dramione_advent had a very popular nomination process that D/Hr Advent will use as well. Anyone can nominate their favorite authors and artists. Those that receive the most nominations will be invited to be an author or artist for the fest. If there ends up not being enough participants, there will be open sign-ups in October.

Each participant in the fest will receive an assigned prompt and will be asked to incorporate the prompt while writing a seasonal Dramione drabble/one-shot, between 500-5000 words and of any rating (see AO3 symbols key), or drawing (no photo manipulation) that is a seasonal Dramione picture and of any rating (see AO3 symbols key).

Works are due on November 24, 2017.

This is not an anonymous fest, but we do ask that authors and artists keep their work exclusive to the fest's collection until the fest has ended and the masterlist has been posted.

D/Hr Advent 2017 will be hosted on Archive of Our Own (AO3) at the D/Hr Advent 2017 collection, and links to the daily work will be posted at dhr_advent. Archive of Our Own is “a noncommercial and nonprofit central hosting place for fanfiction and (long-term) other transformative fanworks...It is multifannish and built on open-source archiving software designed and built by and for fans.” (AO3: About) Every author and artist who participates in D/Hr Advent will be offered an AO3 invitation.

We’re thrilled to be running D/Hr Advent, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the fiction and art in December.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email the mods at dhradvent@gmail.com. If you do not get a response to your query between 3-5 days, please contact esgeee or ldymusyc with your questions via PM.

Hawthorn & Vine

D/Hr Advent is affiliated with Hawthorn & Vine, a Draco/Hermione exclusive archive. If you are a H&V member and wish to submit your D/Hr Advent work to H&V, D/Hr Advent has a dedicated sub-category under LJ Communities at dhr_advent. Please make sure not to submit your work to the dramione_advent sub-category, which is reserved for works which were made for the separate dramione_advent community.

If you'd like to affiliate with D/Hr Advent, contact the mods.

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